The Golden Ferret

January 6, 2020

I’m sure the majority of you are asking yourselves, what in the world is a golden ferret? During the search for a catchy name for this site, I happened across this term and it immediately stood out:

gold·​en fer·​ret \ˈgōl-dən ˈfer-ət\ n : holing a shot from a greenside bunker

So then, what is The Golden Ferret besides the name of a silly golf term? A golden ferret is an uncommon and extraordinary shot to make in the game of golf, and like our namesake, we too will strive to produce uncommon and extraordinary content.

I have nearly a decade’s worth of experience writing professional product reviews and covering industry trade shows, and almost three decades of experience playing golf. I came to the realization embarrassingly late that the kind of golf site I wanted to read was right at my fingertips, and all I had to do was create it.

The main focus at TGF will be in three categories — equipment reviews, industry news and trade show coverage. We’ll also have other posts like blogs, editorials and the occasional write-up of something golf related that doesn’t necessarily fit into any of the rest of those categories. How does this set us apart from the rest of the golf media? Maybe it doesn’t on a surface level, but let’s pull a Patrick Reed and dig down into the bunker a little further.


The goal of our equipment reviews will be to bring you detailed descriptions of the product, high quality photography and a broken down, weighted scoring system so you can assess whether or not this is something that would benefit your game. We want to create content that is not only eye catching and engaging to read, but is informative and useful when you’re trying to figure out what to spend your hard earned money on.

Let’s face it — there is a deluge of new golf products released every year, from the latest training gizmo promising to cut your handicap in half, to new and innovative gadgets that are pushing the boundaries of technology’s integration into the game of golf. Some new equipment can be hugely beneficial, while others can be a waste of time, money or worse, are actually detrimental to your game. Good reviews can help you decide to go buy something, but bad reviews serve the very important role of letting you know what not to waste your money on.

Our reviews will set aside bias for or against the company as much as possible, with the acknowledgement that short of a double blind review system, being completely unbiased is a psychological impossibility. Having said that, we will always disclose how a product was obtained — whether it was purchased by TGF, sent by the company, or found in the dumpster behind the clubhouse. We will also always disclose if the company is an advertiser or if an affiliate retailer carries the product. Honesty and transparency is the only way we can bring you reviews that you can trust.


In addition to equipment reviews, we want The Golden Ferret to be your one stop shop for industry news. What do we consider industry news? Primarily it will be new equipment information, rule changes and company news. Tour and player news will pop up from time to time if it’s noteworthy, but generally we’ll stick to news that affects you and your game.

Trade Shows

Last but certainly not least, TGF will be covering golf trade shows, expos and conventions. Starting out this month, we will be covering the PGA Merchandise Show. It is one of the largest trade shows dedicated to golf, with the organization rightfully proclaiming it as The Major of Golf Business. Previously, I’ve spent some of the busiest weeks of my life covering trade shows, producing in-depth and extensive coverage for consumers to see what was happening at those industry-only events. It was shocking to me to see that nobody was covering the PGA Merchandise Show to any real extent, with most sites only dedicating a short one page summary of what happened over the course of the show’s four days. TGF will provide in-depth coverage of the PGA Merchandise Show, giving you an insider’s look at the latest equipment and technology that is being debuted by hundreds of companies at the show. Individual booth coverage, short video interviews, photos and detailed information about upcoming products will all be covered to the best of our ability.

Hopefully the content we produce is something you will find as interesting as we do. Keep an eye on the site or our social media as we’ll be announcing some exciting contests this month as well. Finally, thank you for visiting the site. Our content is for you, our readers, and we appreciate you dropping by.

Welcome to The Golden Ferret