PGA Show 2020: Vessel

February 8, 2020

Situated directly inside the main entrance to the show floor, Vessel’s booth was hard to miss. Not just because of its placement, but also because they had some beautiful products on display that immediately caught your eye.

While Vessel might not be a household name for bags like Louis Vuitton or Coach, I can guarantee if you’re a golf enthusiast, you’ve at least seen their bags on television. Vessel has made tour staff bags with sponsor logos on them for players like Rickie Fowler (bag pictured, far right, bottom), Tiger Woods (bag pictured, far right, top) and Jordan Speith. PGA players of that level, along with company sponsors of that size, demand a good looking, high-quality golf bag, and that’s exactly what Vessel delivers.

In addition to making luxury bags, the company also has a program called Buy a Bag, Give a Bag, which for every Vessel bag purchased, they donate a backpack to a school child in need of one all around the world. If I hadn’t already been convinced I wanted one of their bags just by seeing it, that right there is a pretty good bonus reason. So what new products did Vessel have at the show?

Vessel Lite Lux

The Lite Lux is the follow up to the Lite Stand. Shared features include carbon fiber legs, a four-point adjustable strap, a rain hood and a four-way divided top with full-length dividers. The Lite Lux features some luxury upgrades, hence the Lux part of the name. They include:

  • Premium YKK metal zippers
  • Integrated zipper gussets
  • Leather trim where the Lite Stand has synthetic leather trim
  • Microsuede synthetic leather as opposed to the Lite Stand’s nylon twill
  • Fleece-lined full-length dividers
  • Magnetically latched tee pocket

It will come in three colors: black, cream and maroon.

Launch: May 1st, 2020

MSRP: $325

Vessel VLX

This is what they’re calling a cross between their Lite Stand and the Sunday Stand bags. Leaning more towards the Sunday Stand, which is a minimalist-style golf bag, it has most of the same features as the Lite Stand, with slightly smaller side pockets giving it a more streamlined profile. Its features include:

  • Carbon fiber legs
  • Four-point adjustable strap
  • Four-way divided top with full-length dividers
  • Premium zippers
  • Nylon rain hood
  • Magnetically latched tee pocket

The VLX will come in white, black (both pictured above), and what they call Iridium, which is a black and white design with orange accents (pictured below).

Launch: May 1st, 2020

MSRP: $295

To learn more about Vessel, their charitable cause, and to see their full range of products, visit