PGA Show 2020: Tour Striker

February 22, 2020

PGA Professional and Top 100 Coach, Martin Chuck, founder of and head coach at Tour Striker Golf Academy in Phoenix AZ, (Best Golf School in Arizona 4 Years in a Row), is also an accomplished inventor of training aids to groove your swing and lower your handicap. Known for his specialized training irons that help you find the correct approach to ball contact, the Smart Ball arm trainer, the Educator wrist position aid, the Smart Bag and a host of other tools as well as a line of educational videos; Martin isn’t resting on his laurels.

Martin and his co-inventor, David Woods, PGA pro and Director of Golf at The Vintage in Indian Wells, CA, are now making a big splash with the recently released Tour Striker PlaneMate swing trainer. Introduced last summer at the PGA Fashion & Demo Experience in Las Vegas and released for sale in August; the PlaneMate was a star this January too. Tour Striker’s booth at the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando was mobbed with fans every time we came by to try to get the low down.1

And with good reason: the PlaneMate won Best New Product of the show.

Tour Striker PlaneMate

Late on the last day, we finally found our opening and swooped in for a brief demo. Martin gave us a quick rundown even though he was obviously run down himself (as were we). But despite all that, he still enthusiastically showed us how it worked, and it was instantly clear this was something to take seriously. It’s a great tool to help you find the right positions to hit throughout the swing. The restriction of the elastic strap keeps you informed that you’re either where you should or shouldn’t be as you move through your swing.

There really wasn’t a good place in their busy booth to lay out all the contents that come in the box to get our own photo, so here is one from their site. It comes with a waist strap, a club mount, a green Pitch-Motion Band for practicing partial swings, a green Full Swing Band for training full swings, and a red Full Swing Band, which is designed for avid or professional golfers looking for a higher resistance band for full swings.

Photo courtesy of Tour Striker

From their site’s product description:

The Tour Striker PlaneMate is the first product of its kind that provides the feeling of a professional takeaway and transition. By adopting the sense of resisting the tension band early in the backswing you’ll train your body to take the club back properly. Then, by relaxing your arms and wrists when the tension starts to build, the club will shallow onto a powerful plane inspiring a body rotation for an inside out strike. With the PlaneMate, simply Resist, Relax, and Rotate your way to the most satisfying ball striking of your life.

It’s easier to see than explain, so here’s a video from their YouTube channel previewing the product.

Tour Striker has a complete series of videos that walk you through your training here.

I watched the entire series and highly recommend you do the same. Even without using the PlaneMate myself (Brian demoed it, I didn’t impose on Martin for a double-dip), I feel I’ve improved my game just by listening to Martin and David go through the training program. This is definitely a product we look forward to doing a full review on once The Golden Ferret gets a hold of one. They did note that they pretty much ship every one they get in stock, which is a good indicator of the PlaneMate’s popularity.

Launch: June 2019

MSRP: $162.99

To find out more about the PlaneMate and to see Tour Striker’s full line of training aids, visit their site at