PGA Show 2020: SuperSpeed Golf

January 31, 2020

SuperSpeed Golf originally launched with weighted training shafts, meant to increase your swing speed and strength.

This year, they launched a new product, SuperSpeed C.

SuperSpeed C

Instead of just a normally balanced grip and shaft with a weight at the bottom like their original training device, the SuperSpeed C is counterweighted at the butt of the grip. This training tool trains hand and forearm strength while also allowing you to feel the breaking point of your wrists on release, helping you groove that aspect of your swing.

SuperSpeed Golf is essentially a kinesiology and exercise science program that uses specialized club-like weighted tools to perform a regimented program of strength and movement training. Their site has a series of videos to walk you through their multi-month programs. If you think of yourself as a golf athlete or would like to; consider SuperSpeed a golf-centric gym and the swing trainers as your free weights. With the SuperSpeed C, you replace one of the training days with it instead of the original weighted set.

Launch: January 2020

MSRP: $99.99

To learn more about the training program and to see their full line of products, you can visit their site: