PGA Show 2020: STITCH

February 7, 2020

I noticed a number of exhibitors chose to wall-in their space, creating exterior surfaces they filled with eye-catching, over-sized images of their products or other space-filling advertising. Rather than walk-by displays to attract the attention of traffic, they drew you to their doorway by closing themselves off from casual glances at their offerings. I’m not sure whether this was intended to create a feeling of exclusivity by having to walk into the booth to see their products or if it was just a practical measure to give them more interior wall space for displays. Perhaps it was a little bit of both?

Regardless, STITCH was not the worst offender of these closed-off booths by a long shot. What these tall walls adorned with giant logos and blown-up photos of their bags did, however, was give me the illusion of walking into a store at a mall. I’m not saying that as a bad thing, just more of an observation (Mizuno’s booth had a very similar feel). Once inside, the well-lit booth was jam-packed with people, making it awkward for me to navigate around and get enough space to take photos. That was more of a personal problem, as a busy booth is a very good thing for an exhibitor.

I wasn’t surprised at the crowd though, as STITCH has a very healthy following on social media, is also heavily advertised on said social media, and frankly, their products just look fantastic.


Speaking of fantastic looking products, the STITCH SL2 carry bag was initially introduced earlier last year. Not content to rest on their laurels, by November, STITCH had found ways to make their latest release even better. They added an insulated water bottle pocket, a hip pad, a pencil pocket and a wider stance for the kick-stand feet to give it increased stability. Made with a proprietary material they call STITCH Touring Fabric, they say it “has the strength of leather, but is more durable, lightweight and water resistant.”

Original features still found on the improved SL2 include:

  • Interchangeable single and double carry-straps
  • Lightweight at only 4 lbs
  • Full-length apparel pocket
  • Golf ball pocket
  • Felt-lined valuables pocket
  • 4-way top divider
  • Lift-assist handles
  • Detachable rain hood
  • Gunmetal hardware & finishes

The big news they unveiled at the show was that besides the original navy, white and black, four new colors joined the lineup: gray, red, orange and STITCH blue (pictured above).

Launch: Redesigned SL2 available now, new colors available in June 2020

MSRP: $368

Shoe Bag

One of the other two featured products in their golf accessory line is a shoe bag, also made out of their STITCH Touring Fabric. In addition to its primary function as a shoe bag, they say it can be used as a shag bag, with the ability to hold up to 150 golf balls.

Launched: 2019

MSRP: $105

Ultimate Garment Bag (UGB)

The last of the featured products is the Ultimate Garment Bag, otherwise known as the UGB. Even though it looks more like a duffel bag when it’s zipped up, once opened you can see where the garment part comes in. Their Instagram post below has a great video showing how it works.


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The UGB easily fits two suits in the garment section, has pockets for a pair of shoes and plenty of additional space for your other clothing. This design can just as easily serve as a carry-on for short trips as it would for bringing a change of clothes to the golf course. Of course, the UGB is also made with STITCH Touring Fabric. It comes in black, gray and navy.

Launched: 2019

MSRP: $298

To learn more about STITCH and to see their full line of golf accessories and apparel, you can visit their site: