PGA Show 2020: Rapsodo

March 3, 2020

Rapsodo joined the personal launch monitor market late last year with a slightly different approach to what was already available in that space. Having shown it off at the 2019 PGA Fashion & Demo Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada, this was their first year attending the PGA Merchandise Show.

With their booth on the front row of the show floor and the growing amount of interest in their latest product, the booth was constantly busy. We finally caught up with the North American general manager, Art Chou, and got a quick overview of the device.

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

Rapsodo’s history of ball-tracking devices is a successful one. Originally they developed and manufactured the SkyTrak, one of the early — albeit more expensive — personal launch monitors on the market. They furthered their success with Rapsodo Baseball in 2016, having developed pitch-tracking technology that is used by all 30 Major League Baseball teams. The Mobile Launch Monitor, or MLM as the company refers to it, uses some of that previously developed technology and pairs it with your mobile device. The MLM gives you launch statistics and shot tracing just like you see on golf broadcasts tracking the pro’s shots. The features of the MLM include:

  • Video playback of your swing
  • Shot tracing to track your golf ball’s flight path
  • Satellite range mapping to show you where your shots landed
  • Smart club recognition, so you aren’t having to bend down and manually switch clubs in the app
  • Bag mapping, which tracks your average distances with each club in your bag
  • Shot library of your previously recorded shots and your last 100 videos (additional video storage can be purchased via subscription, which is $99 a year)

The MLM tracks six different launch statistics:

  • Carry distance
  • Ball speed
  • Club speed
  • Smash factor
  • Launch angle
  • Shot direction

New features that Rapsodo will be rolling out soon include:

  • The ability to use it indoors with a net
  • Android compatibility (yes, right now it only works with iOS devices)
  • Something they call Combines, which will identify areas of your game that need improvement
  • Coach Connect, which will allow you to take virtual lessons with professional golf teachers. You will be able to purchase lessons, and using the videos taken of your swings with the MLM, the teachers will give you coaching on improvements to your swing along with drills to practice.

Launch: 2019

MSRP: $499.99

To learn more about Rapsodo and to purchase the MLM, visit