PGA Show 2020: QUICK-UP Golf Range Co.

February 12, 2020

While Quick-Up’s booth didn’t have much in the way of branding, the product itself was enough to let you know you were in the right place. Bob Sumner, inventor and salesman extraordinaire, greeted us exuberantly when we dropped in to see what Quick-Up Golf Range was demo-ing at this year’s PGA Show. Bob’s warm and genuine demeanor makes you feel like you’ve just run into a dear old friend you hadn’t seen in ages. (If he were selling some sort of supplements, I’d have been wary my kidneys might fail a day into my new health kick, but since it was clearly a really cool practice aid, my Spidey-sense wasn’t tingling in the least.)

Off-camera, he regaled us with the origin story of how the Quick-Up was invented. It purported to include large quantities of beer, golf clubs, a kid’s tent and down-time in a warehouse in China during a site trip to see how their tent manufacturing was coming along. Long story skipped, Quick-Up incorporated a clever mechanism already deployed in the tent and shelter market to give us an easy-to-assemble practice-net solution.

Available in two sizes — big and bigger. The quick up has tons of helpful features to get the most out of a practice session. Their site calls them Range and Range Deluxe. The Range is 8 feet wide and 5 feet tall. The Deluxe is 10 feet wide and 7 feet tall. It’s easier to see than to describe the mechanism, so here’s Bob with the Range version:

The Range Deluxe (pictured, below) is slightly harder to assemble since the hub is higher off the ground, and the stays have an extra joint to lock in place, but the whole idea is very similar. I envision most users setting this up in their backyard or with adequate swing clearance, maybe in a garage. But the over-sized carry bag has room for a handful of clubs for a quick drive to some park or open space suitable for use. Both models include a small hitting mat and a shank screen you can set up next to it. The design has a sloping floor to feed balls back to the front automatically, and a pitching net with pockets to practice precise shots (feels a little like skeeball at first glance).

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a photo of the quick-assembly system, but lucky for us, Quick-Up’s site had one. They call it the UT-TEC TM rapid hub deployment system.

Photo courtesy of QUICK-UP Golf Range Co..

When inquiring about how we could purchase one for a review, Bob generously offered to give us a Range Deluxe, which we graciously accepted. Once we’ve been let out of the writing dungeon — after all our reports on the Show are posted — we can get back to playing golf and doing actual hands-on product reviews, and the Quick-Up will be one of them.

Available now
MSRP: Range (large): $200, Range Deluxe (extra-large): $300 (there is an additional $48 shipping rate for both sizes)

For more about their nets and to purchase directly, visit