PGA Show 2020: PuttView

February 28, 2020

A couple of days back, we posted an article about Golfzon, a top-of-the-line golf simulator geared towards retail locations, training facilities and personal installations for people with a little extra coin to spend. Like Golfzon, PuttView is a high-end putting practice system that is geared towards training facilities and personal installations for people with money leftover after they installed a very expensive simulator in their house.

Indoor putting greens are nothing new. You can spend anywhere from $20 for a strip of turf, all the way up to expensive custom installations with contours just like a real outdoor green. PuttView offers the next generation of indoor practice greens. Utilizing a camera and a projector to scan the environment and project images onto the putting surface, PuttView creates an augmented reality practice green that not only tells you how the ball will break but also shows you where the ball traveled.

Above is one of PuttView’s greens that you can buy along with the system, which has a slightly angled slope so you can practice putting on a green that has breaks in it. Where the player is lined up, you can see a straight line pointing to the right of the hole, telling them where to aim. Arrows are pointing to the left of the hole show where the break is. The projected arc shows where the ball will fall, depending on how hard it’s hit. Once hit, the projector also draws a line on the ball’s actual travel path, as seen in the video below.

Using the provided tablet, pictured below, you can choose many different types of options, including how the projected path lines are displayed and what kinds of information to project onto the green, such as topography. It also has different functions like a putting tempo trainer that shows you a visual representation of how fast your stroke should be to get the ball into the hole. There is a game mode that has different putting games such as putt-pong and an Astroids-like shooter.

PuttView’s YouTube channel has several videos about the system, including some by specialist putting coach Phil Kenyon on how to use the system to practice your putting skills.

So how much does a PuttView system cost? Well, that depends on how big a putting surface you want. Prices start at $17,985 for a 12′ x 7′ 6″ green, which includes the green itself, the projection system, the computer and the tablet controller, along with installation and training on how to use the system. From there is a middle-sized option for $20,985 and the large green, a 19′ x 11′ 6″ size, for $23,985.

What happens if you already have a custom green installed in your house or practice facility, but you want the full PuttView system? That’s no problem, as they have two options for custom installations done by third party companies. The first option is for fixed greens, which they do a 3D laser scan of, then upload that into your PuttView system. Pricing is dependant on the size of the green, starting at $17,980 for up to a 270 square foot green, and $23,985 for up to 540 square feet. The second option is for moving greens — yes, you read that correctly. If you spent top dollar on a system like Virtual Green, PuttView has an integration module that reads how the green was changed and updates the projections to utilize the new topography. Pricing for that option is $15,985.

While I will only dream about having augmented reality teach me how to putt, if this sounds like something you would like to learn more about, you can visit their site at