PGA Show 2020: Pitchfix

March 7, 2020

Pitchfix is probably best known for its switchblade-style divot repair tool, which has been around for a while now. Over the years, they have released several other types of tools, so this year, it wasn’t a surprise when they had some new products for us to check out.

Started in 2005, Pitchfix focused mostly on products that were used on the green — more specifically, divot repair tools. They have introduced, improved, retired and combined different divot repair style tools. As mentioned above, they started with a switchblade repair tool that has been developed over the years but is still available as the Original 2.0.

One of the more significant innovations they made was with the Twister, which was a three-pronged repair tool that had tear-shaped nubs on the end of the prongs, which pulled the damaged turf back up, instead of the more traditional method of repair. They improved the design with the Twister 2.0, which was named Golf Digest’s Best Divot Repair Tool in 2016. With the latest iteration, Pitchfix combined the switchblade function of the Original 2.0 and the nub-style prongs of the Twister into the Fusion 2.5 Pin. Taking the idea one step further, Pitchfix introduced a tool, not for the golfer, but the grounds crew, to better maintain their greens.

GreenKeeper Pro

The GreenKeeper Pro takes the same patented RepairTec Pin Technology used in the Twister, Twister 2.0 and Fusion 2.5 Pin, and put it in a tool that is easy and quick to use for the grounds crew. The handle allows for easy repair of divots without having to bend over or squat down, giving groundskeepers the ability to repair multiple ball marks quickly. I briefly described what the RepairTec Pin Technology prongs looked like above, but here’s a closer look of them deployed from the end of the GreenKeeper Pro.

Those prongs are shaped and designed to gently enter the turf, loosen the soil compacted from the ball, and raise the divot back up. As always, it’s easier to see this in action than to describe it, so here’s a video from Pitchfix’s YouTube channel showing the GreenKeeper Pro in action.

It comes in three different versions: a green color for dry, firm greens, a blue version for wet, softer greens, and a gray version for links-style greens.

Launch: 2019

MSRP: $295 for the pair of green and blue GreenKeeper Pro versions, $160 for the gray Links Edition


Keeping with the products geared towards golf courses is the PickCup. There were several different solutions we saw in response to the USGA rule change allowing the flag to be left in during putting.1 Players who leave the flagstick in while they putt generally won’t take it out to retrieve their balls, so reaching in to retrieve them can damage the delicate edge of the holes. They designed the PickCup to remove the need to reach in to retrieve the ball, while at the same time removing the need to bend over as well. By simply lifting the flagstick, it also lifts the holed-out balls with the PickCup.

It comes in boxes of 10, with two boxes with each order. Pitchfix included three sizes of rubber grommets, allowing the PickCup to fit any size flagstick. They also included a version that you can print your course, company, or tournament logo on, to help with branding opportunities.

Launch: January 2020

MSRP: $275 for the regular version, $499 for the custom logo version


The AimPro is a 3-in-1 ball marker, alignment and slope reading tool. The idea is that the human body wants to stand up straight, regardless of the angle of the ground where you’re standing. The AimPro ball marker has a mirror on top, that when you’re standing over it, you can look down and see the degree of the slope. Here’s the only hiccup: the Pitchfix rep we talked to mentioned that even though this previously conformed to USGA rules, a recent change rendered it non-conforming because of size and the line combination. To get around that issue, they are replacing the lines with concentric circles, which will still allow you to read the angle of the slope. Because of that, they have had to delay the release of the AimPro.

Launch: TBD

MSRP: $34


Last on their new product list is the AquaBrush. The only product in their current lineup that doesn’t revolve around the green, this is a spray bottle/club brush combination. The brush unscrews to fill up the reservoir with water, which you can then spray on your clubhead to loosen up any dirt in the grooves. Then, using the brush, you can easily clean the grooves. The brush head is replaceable, so when it wears out, you don’t have to buy a new AquaBrush. It will come in four different colors: black, red, blue and green, and will come with two brush heads. Additional heads will be available for purchase.

Launch: Spring 2020

MSRP: $15, additional brush heads $2.30

To learn more about Pitchfix and to see their full line of products, visit their site at