PGA Show 2020: Palm Golf Co

February 2, 2020

If you’re active on Instagram or you’ve sought out golf accessories that have a bit of flair, you’ve probably heard of Palm Golf Co. We caught up with them over in the apparel section of the trade show floor to find out what this company with a #swingandsmile was up to.

A group of friends who golfed together regularly launched the company in 2017 as a Kickstarter project. They decided they wanted golf accessories that added a little bit of the SoCal lifestyle to their golf game without being too garish, and thus Palm Golf Co was born.

They are probably best known for their gloves, which are made almost entirely from AAA Cabretta leather like other high-end, brand-name gloves. The only material that is not leather, of course, is the printed fabric between the fingers and on the cuff, giving the glove that subtle flair. Besides gloves, they have a line of clothing, hats, and up until recently, limited runs of their golf towels that matched the glove designs.

Palm Golf Co Towel

One of their most popular designs is the Piña, which features a pineapple print. That, along with the other glove prints, were enlarged and printed on golf towels for limited runs, which sold out quickly. These towels will now be regular production across the entire line of prints as the demand for them was quite high. Because hey, if you’re going to go with a bit of flair on with your glove, why not replace your ratty old golf towel with something pretty that matches? They measure 16″ by 32″ and are an 80% polyester and 20% polyamide blend.

Launch: Regular availability soon

MSRP: $25

You can see their entire line of clothing and accessories over at