PGA Show 2020: Mizuno

February 3, 2020

If you hear the name Mizuno, you probably think of high quality, forged irons designed primarily for low handicap and scratch players. And while you’d be right, this year Mizuno is upping its game to a whole new level with exciting solutions from tee to green.

Their booth was meticulously set up with the walls, wood-like flooring, and perfectly lit equipment displays making you feel like you stepped into an actual Mizuno store. They displayed all their new and existing club lines along the walls, golf balls in the middle, and had back-lit cases in the aisles showing off the history of their putters and the forging process for their irons.

RB 566 and 566 V

Starting with their smallest new item first, Mizuno brought two new golf balls to the show. Named the RB 566 and 566 V, these golf balls have 566 dimples. Yes, you read that right — 566 dimples. How did they cram so many onto a golf ball? The answer is micro-dimples surrounding or inside the larger dimples.

The RB 566 includes micro-dimple patterns surrounding the larger ones, which slows the ball’s descent after it reaches the apex of its flight. Mizuno designed this ionomer covered, two-piece ball for slower swing speed players.

As you can see in the picture above, the RB 566 V has micro-dimples around the larger ones, but also in the center of them as well. This three-piece ball also has an ionomer cover, is designed for higher swing speeds and also has more spin on short-game shots.

Launch: Mid February 2020

MSRP: RB 566 — $22.99, RB 566 V — $29.99

M.CRAFT Putters

Mizuno had an entire display case of putters showing how over the years, they had partnered with other putter makers, including Scotty Cameron in the 90s, then T.P. Mills and Bettinardi in more recent years. This year marks the first time Mizuno USA has brought out a putter designed and manufactured entirely in-house.1 The putters will come in three models and three colors each: the M.CRAFT 1, M.CRAFT 2 and M.CRAFT 3, each coming in either white satin, blue ion or black ion. The M.CRAFT 1 (upper right) is a square back blade style with a mid-slant neck. The M.CRAFT 2 is a classic heel-toe with a plumber’s neck (upper left). Lastly, the M.CRAFT 3 (bottom), which they called a player’s mallet, is a face-balanced mid-mallet. Each of the putters is one-piece forged and milled. They each come with a set of 3g, 8g and 10g weights, allowing you to customize them to your desired weight.

Launch: Mid February 2020

MSRP: $299

ST200 Metalwoods

While TaylorMade, Callaway and Cobra had everybody excited for their latest drivers, Mizuno might have the sleeper club of the year. As mentioned above, Mizuno is well known for their irons, but that didn’t stop them from creating a line of drivers and fairway woods that would appeal to almost any golfer. The ST200 driver, pictured above, features a forged SAT Beta 20141 titanium face and Wave Technology to create lower spin and higher forgiveness. The 11.6g weight towards the back of the club encourages stability. It will come in both right and left-hand models, either a Diamana Red M+ 50 regular graphite shaft or a Diamana Blue S+ 60 stiff graphite shaft, and options of 9.5° or 10.5° loft.

The ST200G is much the same as the ST200, but with adjustable weights for a fade or draw compensation. The graphite shaft options for the ST 200 G are either a Diamana Blue S+ 60 stiff shaft or a Diamana White D+ 60 stiff shaft. It will only come in a 9° loft option.

Lastly, the ST200X is what they called a Japan-spec driver. It features a slightly longer and more flexible shaft and a draw-bias. It will come with a Mizuno MFUSION 40 regular flex shaft and a 10.5° loft.

In addition to the drivers, the ST200 fairway wood will come in either 15° and 18° loft options as well as the Tour Spoon fairway wood in 15° loft, which has a removable clubhead for quick, additional shaft options.

Launch: Shipping February 7th, in stores February 14th, 2020


  • ST200: $399
  • ST200G: $499
  • ST200X: $399
  • ST200 Fairway Wood: $249
  • ST200 Tour Spoon Fairway Wood: $299

MP-20 Limited Edition Irons

Certainly, the most impressive thing Mizuno had was the limited edition MP-20 irons featuring a copper plating finish. Let’s back up a moment and take a look at the club making process for the MP-20s. Like the putters, they had a beautifully back-lit display2 of the clubhead making process at each step.

Cast club heads are made by pouring liquid metal into a mold. Metallurgically speaking, forged irons are considered superior. The life of a forged club starts out as a solid billet, which is then heated, stretched, bent and then forged (hammered against a mold) into the shape of a clubhead.

It then has the flashing removed, is polished, plated in copper, plated in chrome and then is polished into the final finish. That copper plating step gives the club just a little bit more compression and is what Mizuno wanted to commemorate with this release. These MP-20s were even more impressive in person than in a photograph, but the likelihood of seeing them in person is pretty slim. They made an exclusive run of 500 sets, which were all spoken for by retailers before the start of day one. Their recent Instagram post about these clubs mentioned that if you are interested in tracking down a set for yourself, that you should contact your local Mizuno dealer now as these will move quickly.

Launch: April 2020

MSRP: $2020

Mizuno director of R&D David Llewellyn was kind enough to take some time to tell us all about the new products.

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