PGA Show 2020: Loudmouth

February 16, 2020

Golf is serious business. Professional golf is a million times more so. The Masters at Augusta National is broadcast in whispered reverence, like some religious holiday that ought to include sacrificial animals and confessions of all the times you violated the Rules of Golf in the last year.

But not unlike Rodney Dangerfield’s character in Caddyshack, sometimes you just want to rub the world the wrong way, at least just a little bit.

For those moments say for instance the antithesis of the Masters: the party-like atmosphere of the Phoenix Open you can’t go wrong with the latest creations over at Loudmouth Golf. We caught up with Woody! (that’s the way he spells it on his ‘about’ page) at their booth and had a nice little visit. Scott “Woody” Woodworth made his first pair of garish pants in 2000 with some Bugs Bunny fabric and turned heads immediately. Twenty years on, he’s an overnight success in the “Hey! Lookit Me!” space. John Daly’s been a spokesman for the last ten years and is a dedicated fan of the company.

Based in the beautiful wine country of Sonoma County, California, Loudmouth is clearly a fun place to work. We could see that from half-way across the convention floor by the riot of color and designs covering their booth. Everybody working there was in a good mood and obviously enjoyed the lighthearted take on dressing for what is normally a very serious undertaking of striving for your best out on the course.

Loudmouth has a HUGE inventory of over-the-top garb to meet anyone’s outrageous need to be seen (and nearly heard), including an entire section for bespoke, made-to-order wear.

NHL Fan Gear

Loudmouth’s Fan Gear line is up to fifteen co-branded lines of clothing for all your fan-based needs, from The Dallas Cowboys to Hello Kitty. This year they are introducing their NHL line. They’ve licensed all 31 teams and will soon be offering their hockey-themed apparel for every one of your favorite teams. About half are available now, with the rest due to be released by June 21. They will come in eight different styles: StretchTech Knickerbockers ($145), Men’s Pants ($130), Men’s Shorts ($110), Women’s Bermuda Shorts ($110), StretchTech Women’s Capri Pants ($130), StretchTech Women’s Mini Shorts ($75), StretchTech Women’s Skort ($110) and StetchTech Women’s Skirt ($105).

Launch: Half the teams are available now, remaining available June 21, 2020

MSRP: $75 to $145

Giving Back Collection

Woody! and Loudmouth have reached that stage in life and business where their success has led them to look for ways to give back. Though these prints aren’t new, they wanted to highlight them as these causes are close to their heart. Two current avenues they are pursuing are the Folds of Honor program and their dog rescue charity work. Woody! goes over them in the video below. Folds of Honor recognizes fallen military heroes through college scholarships for their children.

Their Mutts print gives back to Muttville, a senior dog rescue organization. Woody! even takes in elderly dogs himself to foster in their final days. (Folds of Honor print gives 50% to charity. The Stars and Stripes print gives 5%. The Pink Ribbon Argyle gives 10% (not pictured) to breast cancer awareness charity. Mutts print gives 10% to Muttville.)

What a guy! Go buy some of his pants.

To learn more about Loudmouth and to see their full line of apparel, visit