PGA Show 2020: Logan Golf

February 16, 2020

If you were like us and went through every single exhibitor that was going to be at the PGA Show this year,1 you would have noticed a few with very vague descriptions on the exhibitor list page. In most cases, visiting the company’s site cleared things up as to what they sold or did, but that wasn’t the case with Logan Golf. Keeping very quiet about what their top-secret product was piqued our curiosity. It wasn’t until we visited their booth that we found out what a truly unique product they were introducing to the golf world.

If you’re asking what is revolutionary or unique about the unassuming golf bag above, then Logan Golf has done at least half of its job. This is definitely a normal-looking, regular-sized golf bag, but it’s what is tucked away inside that makes it extraordinary.

Logan Golf Bag

The Logan Golf Bag isn’t just a bag; it is also its own cart. Yep, you read that correctly — the bag has all the components folded and put away inside itself to transform into a push cart. Based out of New Zealand, owner and inventor Andrew Logan saw a combination of facts that formed an overall problem. He told me that New Zealanders love to walk when they play golf. Also, with smaller cars than we’re used to in the United States, the trunk space is limited. Hauling around a bag and a push cart takes up a lot of space in the car. Storing it takes up a lot of space at your home as well. Logan wanted to create a bag that was still the same size as a standard golf bag that also had all the necessary pieces to make it into a push cart.

When it’s folded up, the bag only has a slight boxiness to the back that a normal bag wouldn’t; however, it fits in a golf cart just as well as a traditional bag does. You’ll also notice the clubs aren’t sitting any higher in the bag than they would in a regular bag. This is an important fact because when it’s folded up, the wheel storage is in the base of the cart. Logan achieved this by creating slots that the club handles feed into, fitting between the three spokes on the wheels.2 You can see the breakdown from cart to bag in the gif below.3

In its push cart configuration, it has a cell phone holder (pictured above) and a brake near the handle (pictured below, deployed), as opposed to a foot-pedal style brake.

Finally, it uses a rigid-bodied frame, but the outer fabric sleeve gives it the look and all the storage pockets of a traditional golf bag. This sleeve can be swapped out for different colors, material types and pocket configurations, depending on your preference. That means you can change the style and functionality of your bag without having to go by an entirely new bag.

The model on display at the show is still a prototype, though the majority of the parts had been finalized, so what you see above is mostly the final form and function that you will get on release.

Launch: Late 2020


All of this is pretty impressive, right? The United Inventors Association seemed to agree, as Logan Golf was given the Pinnacle Award for the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show Inventors Spotlight. You can read more about the Inventors Spotlight in the PGA’s press release about it, but this is what they say about the Pinnacle Award:

The Pinnacle Award (Best in Show): The successful development of a product takes talent, knowledge, and tenacity. As such, the Pinnacle Award recognizes the broadest range of efforts by the inventor, be it from design, market research, sales, fulfillment, manufacturing and quality. This category is judged on the entire process. Judgements on this award are based on the attention paid by the inventor to all phases of ideation, invention and commercialization.

For a product that had our interest piqued before we even knew what it was, Logan Golf certainly delivered, and a best in show award proves that we definitely aren’t alone in that thought.

You can read more about the Logan Golf Bag on their site,