PGA Show 2020: Jones Sports Company

February 10, 2020

As of late, there seems to be no shortage of handcrafted, classic-style golf bag manufacturers, which is a good thing if you’re in the market for one because there is plenty of selection. Jones Sports Company is one of those manufacturers, but they brought more than just golf bags to the show.

Their booth was open and inviting, which, along with house plants and couches set up in the middle, gave it a very comfortable and relaxing vibe. Based out of Portland, Oregon, Jones Sports Company admits themselves that “There never was more than one sport at Jones Sports. There was always just one. Golf.” and that was apparent with the full line of golf bags on display.

Initially started in 1971 by George Jones, the company thrived on the single-strap style golf bag that started with Jones handmaking these bags in his basement. In 1990 Jones sold the company, which subsequently languished with that owner until 2011 when the Lemman family bought it. By then, the classic bag was long gone, along with the appeal of the company. The Lemmans brought Jones bags back to their roots, reintroducing the classic single-strap bag and in the following years, adding some modern upgrades on new models featuring double shoulder straps and kick-stand style carry bags. Even though they have new bag designs, their mainstay is still the classic Original Jones bag.

Original Jones Special Edition

The Original Jones golf bags are made out nylon and accented with Jones Vinyl, a leather-like material. For their Special Edition of the Original, they released a bag made entirely out of the Jones Vinyl. It comes in a version called Stripeshow, a white bag with black accents, and an all-black version called Bomber. This summer, two new colors will be released in the Special Edition line: Gray Lancer (left) and Navy Nighthawk (right).

The Special Edition series features:

  • Three-way divider
  • Three pockets (two in front, one in back)
  • Made entirely of Jones Vinyl
  • Single shoulder strap
  • Weighs only 3.4 lbs
  • Gunmetal hardware

Launch: June 2020

MSRP: $175


Utility Rover Carry Bag

The Utility Rover Carry Bag is the next design in the Utility series. It combines the simplicity of the Player Series with the new, innovative features of the Utility Series bags.

The Utility Rover features:

  • Options to carry with a single or double strap
  • Six pockets that include
    • Insulated pocket to carry cold drinks
    • Valuables pouch
    • Larger pocket to carry extra clothing
  • Velcro patch to attach your golf glove to dry
  • D-rings to attach accessories
  • Mesh sleeve to hold a Bluetooth speaker
  • Weighs only 3.5 lbs

It will come in Slate (left), Dark Olive (middle), and a Special Edition Black (right).

Launch: June 2020

MSRP: Slate and Dark Olive: $195, Special Edition Black: $215

Varsity Duffle Bag

One of the new non-golf bag additions is the Varsity Duffle Bag. Instead of just a generic duffle bag with one main compartment for everything, the Varsity features a separate zippered pocket on the side for your shoes, keeping them away from your clothes in the main compartment. It has two handles and a removable shoulder strap. It comes in eight different colors: (starting top left) Red, Royal/Navy, Sand, Gray/Royal/Pink, Navy, Charcoal/Black, Black, and Brown/Sand.

Launch: January 2020

MSRP: $90

Golf + Field Collection

The Golf + Field Collection consists of a matching backpack and duffle bag, both made with tarpaulin material. The backpack is 19″ tall and has a padded interior sleeve for a laptop, a side mesh pocket for a water bottle and a luggage strap on the back to secure it to your suitcase handle. The duffle bag is the same design as the Varsity, just made with a different material.

Launch: January 2020

MSRP: $120 each

To see their full line of golf bags, accessories, and other items available, visit