PGA Show 2020: Finn Scooters

February 2, 2020

Remember how we said there were a ton of golf cart alternatives at Demo Day? One of them was the very distinctive Finn Cycle.

Finn Scooters had great placement outdoors on Demo Day: right where everyone funneled into the event. At the Convention Center, they were a little out of the way but had a nice open display that had excellent visibility as well. If it wasn’t for the golf bag strapped onto the frame of the bike, I can’t say I would have guessed that Finn Cycle intended to make a golf scooter. Having said that, out of all the golf cart alternatives, this was the only powered solution we covered at the show.

Finn Cycle

While all the other companies’ carts had varying levels of practicality, rideability, or some combination of both, the Finn Cycle seems to be practical, easy to ride and maybe most important — fun. The wheels and clearance look like they would fair well on the terrain of a golf course, while the golf bag’s position makes for convenient club selection once you stop at your ball. Its low center of gravity gives a comfortable, easy to control ride. Tire design wide with gentle tread patterns avoids damaging the turf. It is electric with a top speed of 15 mph and has a battery life that is supposed to last 36 holes. One of the focuses Finn Scooters has is an increased pace of play, claiming an average of seven and a half minutes per hole. Their mission statement:

Rounds of golf played in the U.S. last year were down 4.8%, according to the National Golf Foundation. We think it is because golf is too slow, and not enough fun. Our mission with Finn Scooters is:

  1. Speed the game up!
  2. Bring new people to the game, and keep the ones we have.
  3. Increase profits at golf courses through increased rounds and excitement.
  4. Make it more fun by playing on a Finn Scooter.

Rick Reimers, Top Dog at Finn Scooters

Up until late last year, these were only sold to golf courses so that management could decide if they would be on the course. Last August, the company opened these up for personal purchases, but they did note they suggest you check with your local club first to see if they will allow use on their course.

Launch: Opened up purchases to consumers in August 2019

MSRP: $3699

With no personal knowledge of how users in the real world are behaving, one can imagine the occasional exuberant player may forget they’re golfing and get a little motocross mojo going. (Of course, we’ve all seen the same thing in standard carts, too.) If you have used one of these and have an anecdotal story to share, please do so in the comments!

To learn more about Finn Scooters and the Finn Cycle, you can visit their site: