PGA Show 2020: Feedback Putter Grips

February 17, 2020

Unless you have a buddy critiquing you or you’re recording yourself, chances are good you might not know precisely where on the face of your putter that you hit the ball. You might have felt yourself pull or twist during your shot, but unless it’s on the far end of the heel or toe, you probably are still in the dark on where your putt went wrong.

Enter Feedback Putter Grips. Their thought is that while foam, rubber and leather grips might have a pleasant feel to them, they deaden the feedback that your putter is giving you. The majority of golfers take their glove off to putt because it increases the feeling and feedback of the stroke, so they ask: why would you want to reduce the feedback with those style grips?

Feedback Putter Grip

The Feedback Putter Grip is milled from aircraft-grade aluminum. Yep. All-metal. Not necessarily something I would have ever thought to put on a golf club, much less a putter, but what it does is quite an interesting phenomenon. It is directly attached to your putter shaft by six hex screws — three at the top and three at the bottom (pictured below).1 With this screw-mount style, it means you feel the vibrations from your ball strike as if you were holding directly to the shaft of the club.

Center or close to center strikes feel like you expect a putt to feel. Not much vibration, not uncomfortable, just a pleasant hit. If your ball strikes towards the heel or the toe of the putter’s face, a very awkward vibration travels up through the metal Feedback Putter Grip and lets you know why your shot was way off. Another way the grip assists is its weight, at 150 grams,2 gives a slight pendulum effect to your swing, keeping your stroke on a steadier line.

Currently, it is only available in the 1.25″ diameter size, but feedback from pros and players at the show prompted them to move forward with slimmer designs to accommodate different preferences. Those sizes should be available later this year.

Launch: January 2020

MSRP: $89.95

Feedback Putter Grips was kind enough to send us one of these grips and we will be doing a review of it soon.

To learn more about Feedback Putter Grips, you can visit their site at