PGA Show 2020: Evnroll

February 25, 2020

Evnroll (pronounced even-roll) is a fairly new company, having only started in 2015. The owners behind the company, however, bring five decades worth of experience to the table. Their idea behind Evnroll was to make a putter with the ability to help mitigate the results of off-center putts.

Guerin Rife, Evnroll’s CEO and chief designer, has been making putters for 25 years. Stephen Riley, president and director of operations for Evnroll, has just as much experience with distribution and manufacturing companies. Combining their respective expertise, they launched Evnroll at the 2015 PGA Show, introducing a putter to the market that had what they call Sweet Face Technology. This year they were fresh off a new distribution deal with Dynamic Brands, so their booth — or should I say putting green — was situated right behind Dynamic Brands booth and right on a busy aisle.

ER10 Outback Mallet

The ER10 is the company’s latest putter. Constructed out of aluminum (the black part), milled steel (the silver part), and utilizing Evnroll’s Sweet Face Technology, they created what they call an “ultra high MOI oversized mallet.” To expand a little more on what Sweet Face Technology is, let’s take a closer look thanks to a photo from their site:

Photo Courtesy of Evnroll

The idea is that evenly spaced grooves on the putter face distribute the energy equally, but an off-center hit has lost energy. Sweet Face Technology reduces the grooves further out from the center of the putter face, increasing the surface area that comes into contact with the ball, and thus replacing the lost energy for off-center hits. In addition to allowing the ball to travel the full distance even on a mishit, the claim is the grooves also help keep the ball on a straight line, instead of curving off to the left or right. That’s pretty impressive technology, considering the majority of us golfers aren’t pros that hit the center consistently.

While Evnroll has a wide range of putters to choose from currently, the ER10 won’t see a full release until Spring.

Launch: Spring 2020

MSRP: $399

You can find out more about Evnroll and see their full line of putters on their site,