PGA Show 2020: Clicgear

February 18, 2020

Based out of Hong Kong and in distribution worldwide, Clickgear has been turning heads and winning awards in the push cart space for more than a decade. With two, three and four-wheel models, they’ve got the space well covered.

Situated on a prominent crossroads at this year’s PGA Show, you couldn’t miss the large space dedicated to their deep line of push carts and all their accessories. Clickgear comes with a vast line of accessories to trick out your cart with everything you could ever want for walking in style, including a clever seat accessory for the four-wheel model so you can cop a squat with grace (and dignity?) when you start to flag on the back nine. The accessories were all useful and impressive, but it was what they were debuting at the show that really caught our eye.

Model 4.0

The venerable 3.5+ model is being replaced this spring by their Model 4.0 and comes in nine colors to make sure you can coordinate with your style. To the uninitiated, seeing a folded Clicgear cart for the first time, you marvel at how compact it is (a mere 13″ x 15″ x 24″).

To all the walkers who struggle to fit both a bag and cart into their car, seeing the tiny package a Model 4.0 presents triggers an instant “aha!” reaction. I was fascinated as the sales reps opened and closed them in seconds flat. The design team must have generations of origami folders in their family tree to have created this elegant machine. Here is a video of it being deployed and then folded back down again.

With a prior model name like 3.5+, one imagines numerous upgrade iterations along the way since first launch. Stepping up to 4.0 in 2020 signifies a laundry list of improvements for this year. (It also unifies the family line, with their other offerings being called the Model 6+ and 8+. Does 2021 portend the 4+?) They’ve completely redesigned the upper and lower saddles for better bag management, replaced the straps with new all-silicone straps for an easier fasten and more secure hold. Rounding out the upgrades, the lid lock, pencil/scorecard holder and umbrella tube are all new and improved. The foundation of the 3.5+, its clever folding design and sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum construction are unchanged and as good as ever. Offered in nine colors — teal, black, yellow, white, pink, silver, lime green, army green and army brown — there’s got to be one to match the look you’re going for.

Launch: February 1, 2020

MSRP: $259

Model 6+ and 8+

Two more of their recent additions include the Model 6+ and Model 8+, both launched in 2019. The Model 6+ is a ‘resort’ cart, sold directly to courses to offer as rentals. They have two enormous 17” wheels and are fully adjustable for any sized bag, from the smallest junior to the biggest tour bag you’ve got. The Model 8+ is their ‘top of the line’ four-wheel design for the player wanting the utmost in stability. Both came out with improvements at last year’s show. (There is also a Rovic line you can read about at their site.)

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