PGA Show 2020: Bloodline Golf

February 24, 2020

While Bloodline Golf launched their self-standing putters in 2017, they haven’t quite become a household name yet. The heritage behind the company, however, I would bet you’re familiar with.

Brad Adams and Larry Bischmann founded the company. Adams great grandfather, Vale Adams, was a highly respected golf instructor and had his lessons featured on Special K boxes. His father, Gary Adams, was the founder of TaylorMade. Brad himself has had a notable career in the golf world as well, having held a senior VP position at Odyssey Golf and starting the Never Compromise putter company. Bischmann has plenty of experience as well, having worked for TaylorMade-Adidas Golf and put together the team that brought us the Diamana shaft.

Now that you have the history, the Bloodline moniker makes sense. What makes Bloodline putters different, though? With their weighty heads and lightweight, carbon fiber shafts, the weight distribution allows them to stand up all by themselves. The idea behind that is lining up your putts is much more accurate when you’re behind the ball, but at address, you’re looking sideways at your target. With the Bloodline putter’s ability to stand up by itself, you can address the ball, let go of the putter, and stand behind it to make sure you’re aiming where you want to.

Neat idea, right? I’m sure the next question is, is that allowed within USGA’s rules? The answer is yes, as confirmed by a statement by the USGA and reported in a Golfweek article about the putter:

Self-standing putters, only when placed right next to the ball (as they are intended to be used), are allowed to be used to assist the player in taking a stance or to point out the line of play.

Even though they might not be a household name yet, they have enjoyed some success and notoriety on tour, with Ernie Els becoming both an ambassador and investor in 2018. More recently, and perhaps more perfectly timed, former MLB pitcher John Smoltz made headlines defending his 2019 Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions win while using a Bloodline putter. Press like that, literally days before the PGA Show started, couldn’t be better timed.

With their full line of CNC-milled aluminum putters on display, it was the newest addition that I wanted to learn more about.


The 20-V is the first Bloodline putter that isn’t milled from a solid block of aluminum. Instead, it has a multi-density body, tungsten weighting and an insert face. The specifics are still being worked out, and the rep I talked to did note that the 20-V on display was still a prototype. It will, however, still have a carbon fiber shaft and be able to stand up on its own like the rest of the Bloodline putters.

Launch: Around April 2020

MSRP: $295

To find out more about Bloodline Golf and to see their full line of putters, visit