Graff Golf Launching World’s First Smart Ball

March 11, 2020

Shot tracking and launch monitors have been giving golfers data on their swing and gameplay for many years now. With gadgets that track individual club data and launch monitors that record ball flight data, you can analyze your golf game like never before. These all required you to have attachments to your clubs, or devices situated behind you as you hit. With Graff Golf, they wanted to get rid of all the extras and take you back to a golf ball and your club.

First announced last year, Graff Golf has been working on what they call the world’s first smart golf ball. Their goal was to give you the ability to track your shots, gather data on ball flight, and embed all the technology necessary to do so inside a golf ball.

All photos courtesy of Graff Golf

Using either an Android or iOS smartphone, the Graff Golf app connects to the golf ball via Bluetooth to give you data like carry distance, ball spin, launch angle, shot direction, hang time and ball speed. Between rounds, you can wirelessly charge the balls with an included charging station.

The app will have 36,000 golf courses available, so you can track each shot during your round. If you happen to lose your ball, there is a function that allows you to track the ball’s location up to 300 feet away. The app will also give you feedback that will help you work on your golf game, by giving you a customized plan for areas that need improvements using a library of video drills geared towards each specific problem area.

Besides tracking your ball on the course, you can also choose the Off Course tracking and use the ball with a practice net. One last notable function the app has a Challenges page that gives you goals to unlock achievements such as Hit 1,000 Shots, Reach 50,000 Total Yards, Make 50 Up-And-Downs and many more.

On February 25, they launched an Indiegogo campaign, which in the few short weeks since has blown past the initial funding goal of $20,000 and is currently sitting at $50,715 with 15 days left. Right now the only way to order is through the Indigogo campaign. Currently, with the Indiegogo pricing, a sleeve of three is $49. Alternatively, you can get a year of the included subscription to their analytics along with a three-pack for $99. Other tiers include multiple sleeves of balls and lifetime subscriptions. The highest tier has a goal of shipping in April, with the rest shipping in June.

In July after the Indiegogo perks have shipped, the golf balls will be available on their site for purchase.

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