FlightScope Teases New Portable Launch Monitor

January 9, 2020

FlightScope mevo’s Instagram and Twitter posted a teaser this morning for what appears to be either an update or a successor to the 2017 mevo device.


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It’s coming….👀 12 days! #PGAShow2020

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With the upcoming PGA Merchandise Show, many companies are teasing or announcing new products that will be at the show, so it doesn’t come as a large surprise that FlightScope has something new ready to go.

The photo from Instagram appears to show a device roughly the same size as the original mevo, with what looks like a camera much like the larger X3 launch monitor has. One could guess that this means the new device will capture video to match the data, much like the X3 does. The original mevo does not have a built in camera, but instead allows users to capture video from a mobile device through the mevo app.

Incidentally, The Golden Ferret will be posting their first review today, which just happens to be for the original FlightScope mevo.

Update 01/10/20: Another teaser on their Instagram page this morning notes the name will be mevo+, it will feature data, games and performance, and the MSRP will be $1,999.