Brian Burt

Founder, Editor

     I’ve been around golf for as long as I can remember, starting at an early age tagging along with my father to the course. I'm sure the first time I hit a golf ball with a club was at a miniature golf course, but it was at the age of nine that I actually started playing golf. I took some lessons and my first real golf was playing a little nine-hole pitch and putt course. Throughout my teenage years and into my early 20s I didn’t ever play enough to develop any sort of real skill on the course, but I always enjoyed the time spent playing with my father, his friends, my uncles and cousin. It was only when I moved to Florida in 2015 that I started taking golf seriously, which is hard not to with the plethora of courses around and the weather that allows year-round golfing on green grass.
     My full-time job has always been in the IT world, but I’ve also spent the better part of a decade writing product reviews and helping cover large industry-only trade shows. It was only in the latter part of 2019 that I put two and two together and realized I should be doing the same thing for the golf world. It is the culmination of a hobby that started as a child, a hobby that turned into a passion as an adult, and finally a passion that turned into The Golden Ferret.

Donald Burt

AKA The Brass Weasel/Editor

     I sliced my first drive before The Beatles broke up. I’ve never been very good at the sport, but have loved the challenge my entire life. I’ve played every kind of course, from virtual cow pastures to every level of muni to no less than Pebble Beach (I didn’t break 140). Brian was there that day — probably about 5 years old. His uncle sent him flying over the front of the cart for his first on-course disaster. He took up the game anyway.
     I’ve probably played a thousand rounds of golf, from Miami to Kauai. Being old enough to draw Social Security, I’ve experienced the game in all phases of life, including as a semi-disabled duffer that can only play for the fresh air and companionship of my fellow travelers. Lifetime best hole: an eagle on a par 5 (in the rain, onto a flooded green). Lifetime best round: 82. (You already know my worst.) Always satisfied if I break 95, or so I try to tell myself. Wish I had a round in the 70s. Biggest heartbreak: one inch short — dead on line — from an ace. Personal philosophy: golf is the best tool around to find out who a person really is in the shortest amount of time.
     I’ll be the alternate voice here: the dad dispensing words of wisdom, experience, and lame jokes; but definitely the junior partner, the goofy sidekick — the Jimmy Olsen to Brian’s Clark Kent — The Brass Weasel here at The Golden Ferret.