About TGF

gold·​en fer·​ret \ˈgōl-dən ˈfer-ət\ n : holing a shot from a greenside bunker

A golden ferret is an uncommon and extraordinary shot to make in the game of golf, and like our namesake, we too strive to produce uncommon and extraordinary content.

The Golden Ferret covers industry news, trade shows, produces in-depth equipment reviews and publishes various other golf-related articles and blog posts.

The goal of our news coverage is to keep you informed of all the latest trends, equipment releases and industry happenings in the golf world. We also cover rule changes, major tour news and anything else related to the game that you, our readers, want to know. We want our news to be extensive, though we will probably stop short of reporting on things such as what PGA Tour player is dating what supermodel — you can always visit TMZ for that.1

Our trade show coverage, specifically the PGA Merchandise Show, is something that gives consumers an insider’s look to an industry-only event that isn’t covered as extensively as it deserves to be.

Our reviews are as unbiased as possible, giving you detailed information and opinions about products and equipment. Keeping everything transparent and above the board, we will always inform you of how the product was obtained — whether purchased by the site or given to us by a company — and also if the company is an advertiser on the site. We do not write paid reviews that are thinly veiled advertisements, which is unfair for the unsuspecting reader. Our reviews are meant to be informative, helpful, or at the very least entertaining to read.

Golf is a pastime that we’re all passionate about. When you can’t be out on the course actually playing the game, at least you can be on our site obsessing over it like we do.

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